Alumni Spotlight

Do you know a DCS alum worthy of special recognition? Send detailed information to the district’s communications specialist Jim Smith at   

Information should include the individual’s name, year of graduation from DCS, contact information (email, phone)  and a description of what they’ve done or are doing for which they should be recognized. The person submitting the information about the alumna/alumnus should provide contact information as well as their connection to the person to be featured.

Organizing a Class Reunion

If you are organizing a class reunion, or looking to contact a former classmate, let us know, and we’ll post the information here. Send a detailed email to Tell us what you would like posted on the website, including whom to contact for more information about the post you are requesting.

Reunion Planning Tips

There are a number of ways to coordinate a reunion, but it’s best to have a  number of people who are willing to help.

Contacting all class members is usually the greatest challenge to overcome, but with Facebook and other social media platforms, it has actually gotten easier.

As far as the actual event, the sky’s the limit. You can have dinners, picnics, cruises on the Hudson…. If you have a core group of four to five people who will help with making decisions, another four to five people who will help with making connections and getting costs, you can have a wonderful time getting back together as a class.

You are always welcome to visit and take a tour of the building as part of your reunion and see the changes that have taken place. Contact the main high school office to inquire.