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The Duanesburg Central School District strives to keep the avenues of communication open and ensure that all concerns and issues are addressed in the best way possible.

While Board of Education members serve as community representatives, contacting the Board as a first step when an issue arises may not be the most efficient way to resolve it. Most issues can be identified, clarified and addressed more promptly when directed to those most familiar with the situation.

To that end, individuals with questions, concerns, complaints and/or suggestions are encouraged to contact the employee closest to the issue. If the issue is not satisfactorily resolved at this level, the individual may progress through the line of responsibility until the matter is resolved.

Please use the links below to locate directories for phone numbers and email addresses. Please call the central office at (518) 895-2279 with any questions. 

District Office

133 School Drive, Delanson, NY 12053
Phone: (518) 895-2279 
Auto-Attendant: (518) 895-5350
Fax: (518) 895-2626

Superintendent of Schools

Kimberly Ross, ext. 241

Superintendent’s Secretary/Board Clerk 

Celeste Junge, ext. 241

Assistant Superintendent of Management Services

Jeffrey Rivenburg, ext. 241

Management Information Systems Director (Technology)

Joseph O’Neill, ext. 246 

Accounts Payable/Tax Collector

Michelle Hundley, ext. 322

Deputy Treasurer/Human Resources

TBD, ext. 239

Director of Special Education 

Danielle Schneible, (518) 895-2580 
Chairperson for Committee on Special Education (CSE)
Chairperson for Committee on Pre-School Special Education (CPSE)

Special Education Secretary

Leah Simpson
(518) 895-2580 or (518) 895-8310 (Auto-attendant), ext. 221
Fax: (518) 895-2090

Food Services Manager

Daniel Sala, ext. 228

Director of Facilities 

Aanen Aanensen, ext. 260

Communications Specialist/Web Administrator/Media

Trisha Miller, ext. 371
(917) 848-5787, cell

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Duanesburg Jr./Sr. High School

163 School Drive, Delanson, NY 12053
Phone: (518) 895-3000
Auto-Attendant: (518) 895-5350
Fax: (518) 895-9971
Counseling Center fax: (518) 895-3090

Jr./Sr. High School Principal

Jodi L. Marvin, ext. 221

High School Secretary

Andrea Hunter, ext. 221 

Athletic Director

Catie Wilson, ext. 229

Attendance/Athletic Director’s Secretary

, ext. 224

School Nurse/Health Office

Stephanie Yauchler, ext. 240
Fax:  (518) 836-0657

Library Media Specialist

Student Support Counselor

 Dana Kamer, ext. 232

Counseling Center (Guidance)

Kristina Goebel, ext. 261
Joshua Moeckel, ext. 226

Nina Nowak, secretary, ext. 227
Counseling Center fax: (518) 895-3090



Kevin DiTondo 
Shelby Terwilliger


Scott Hopkins (Band)
Lindsay Heck 



Laura Hopkins     
Rebecca Pless 
Andrew Bartlett 
Kendra Shedina

Family & Consumer Science

Foreign Language

Isabel Kalin 



Karen Bliss 
Teresa Crasto-Donnelly 
Lisa Della Rocco 
Kristina Crane 

Physical Education/Health

Catherine (Catie) Wilson 
Brett Simpson 


Melissa Gregory 
Neil McConnelee
April Hoffman
Kate Pryor 
Johannah Mollitor

Social Studies

Christopher Herron 
Ashley Sigond
Adam Randall 
David Schalekamp 

Special Education

Carol Conley 
Mark Gillmeister 

Shannon Gordon 
Peri Pearson
Meghan Downs


Michael Gauthier

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Duanesburg Elementary School

165 Chadwick Road, Delanson, NY 12053
(518) 895-8310 (Auto-attendant)
Main Office: (518) 895-2580 or (518) 895-2310
Fax: (518) 895-2090


Andrea Conover, ext. 221

Principal’s Secretary

Leah Simpson, ext. 221

Attendance/K-12 Registration

Joanne Boyd, ext. 243

Library Media Specialist

Donna Wilkes, ext. 221

Nurse/Health Office

ext. 229
Fax:  (518) 708-6814

Janell Sindoni, RN

Social Worker

David Presson, ext. 244


Laurel Hallberg, ext. 273 



Ashley Venturiello
Alicia Donohue


Bridget Minute 
Debbie Johnson

First Grade

Melinda Rorie
Melissa Neppl

Second Grade

Melissa Durrant 
Melissa Walsh

Third Grade

McKenzie Ryan
Madeline Lamb
Erin Goodwin 

Fourth Grade

Kelly Brinsko
Robert Lane 

Fifth Grade

Richard Duff 
Spencer Falco
Danielle Surnear 

Sixth Grade

Christopher Danapilis 
Christine McKane 


Amanda Chovan 


Scott Hopkins 


Tracy Stryker 


Mary-Clare Waltz 

Physical Education

Ryan Patrie


Jenna Veglia
Rachel Woodrow 

Response to Intervention Services

Andrea Conover, ext. 221

Special Education

Michelle De’Leon 
Maria Halasz 
Leslie Gangemi
Rosa Cannavo

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9225 Duanesburg Road, Delanson, NY  12053
Phone: (518) 895-2511
Auto-Attendant: (518) 895-8310
Fax: (518) 895-2018

School Transportation Supervisor

Tom Gordon, ext. 237

Transportation Clerk

Tina Cieszynski