Academic Eligibility

Student-athletes representing Duanesburg Central Schools have a responsibility to excel in the classroom as well as on the field of play.

A Recorded Grade of Incomplete

Any athlete who receives a grade of Incomplete on a progress report or report card will have five school days after the eligibility list is posted, to complete all past due assignments and present proof of a passing grade for the course(s). During this period the student remains eligible. 

  • Once the “Student Athlete” completes all of the past due work, it is his/her responsibility to get the eligibility paperwork from the Athletic Director’s office.  This paperwork will be taken to each teacher who recorded an Incomplete.  Those teachers will sign off when the past due assignments are completed, and the student has achieved a passing grade.
  • If after 5 school days, the “Incomplete” has not been resolved, the athlete will become ineligible and be subject to Academic Restriction.
  • Coaches, at their discretion, may require athletes to attend after school study sessions.

Quarterly Reports/Report Cards

One Quarterly Grade of below 65 

Student-athletes are expected to maintain a passing grade of 65 or above in all classes. Any athlete who receives a grade below 65 in one course:

  • May practice and play
  • Must meet with the teacher of the failing course and make a plan of how to raise the grade to passing.  This plan will be signed by both the athlete and the teacher, and submitted to the Athletic Director who will forward a copy to the coach.
  • Is encouraged to meet regularly with that teacher after school.

Two or More Quarterly Grades Below 65

Athletes who receive 2 or more grades below 65 will be placed on a minimum 5-day Academic Restriction:
• Are ineligible to practice or play for a minimum of 5 school days.
• Must complete an academic plan with the teacher of each course they are failing. This plan must be signed by the athlete and the teacher and submitted to the Athletic Director’s office. A copy will be forwarded to the coach.
• When a student-athlete has raised his/her grade to passing in the course, (after the five school day period is over), it is his/her responsibility to get the Academic Report Sheet from the Athletic Director’s office. This paperwork must be taken to every teacher on the athlete’s schedule.  ALL teachers must sign off with a current grade. If the student is passing all courses, or has only one failing course grade, the student may resume eligibility.
• The student is encouraged to meet regularly with his/her teacher(s) to maintain passing grades.

Interim Reports

Interim reports are a predictor of performance in courses. Because they are posted only 5 weeks into a quarter, there are times when students have only had the opportunity to post a few grades. If one of these grades is low, it can lead to a low Interim grade. Often these low grades are corrected by the time the Eligibility List is posted. For that reason, Interims will be initially treated differently than Quarterly Grades.

• When the Eligibility List is posted following Interim Reports, any student who had received two failing grades may have the teachers of those courses sign an Academic Report Sheet indicating the student is now in Good Standing. These Athletes are immediately eligible for practice and game, but must submit a weekly Academic Report Sheet to the AD for two weeks.
• Athletes who have not raised their grades to a 65, and are failing 2 or more courses, must follow the same procedures as those who receive a 64 or lower as a Quarterly Grade.

Academic Study Sessions

If a student is experiencing academic difficulties in a course(s,) the best person to help that athlete is the teacher of record for that course. Teachers are available every Tuesday through Thursday after school to help struggling students. Students are encouraged to schedule after school help, with teachers in advance to ensure their availability.

Fall Sports

• 4th Quarter grades will be used to determine eligibility for Fall Sports. Fall athletes will follow the same Academic Guidelines as athletes in other sports seasons.
• Athletes who fail two or more courses are considered on Academic restriction for the fall sport season. If possible, students are encouraged to attend summer school for these courses so they are eligible in August.
• Athletes who are on Academic Restriction may practice in August, but must complete an Academic Report Sheet on the second Friday of the new school year. These students must be in good academic standing (passing all but one course) in order to remain eligible. Any Athlete who receives below a 65 on this Academic Report Sheet must follow the Academic Restriction Guidelines.


We recognize that athletes who miss the tryout portion of a sports season are at a disadvantage and may lose a spot on the team.  For this reason, athletes who are on Academic Restriction, or received a grade of Incomplete, may attend the initial tryout portion of a season (not to exceed 5 days). As soon as the coach has selected the roster, Student Athletes are subject to the Academic Restriction Guidelines as described above. Students who raise their course grades to good standing, during the tryout period, may submit the Academic Report Sheet to the Athletic Director’s office in accordance with the guidelines outlined above.

Academic Plan Template

Please contact the Athletic Director’s office for a printed Academic Plan Template to complete.