Academic Supports: Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS)

A Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) enables educators to shift away from a singular focus on academics and take a “whole child” approach to student support. The framework helps educators understand and promote student success and well-being through many interconnected, data-informed lenses. The whole child data picture can include:

  • Academics
  • Social-emotional behavior
  • Attendance
  • Behavior incidents
  • Intervention
  • Health office visits
  • Qualitative data (observations, teacher notes, etc.)

    Although MTSS incorporates student data beyond assessments, it’s important to note that a key foundation of the whole child data picture is provided by a comprehensive and balanced assessment system. A comprehensive and balanced assessment system is a cohesive set of high-quality assessment practices and tools that promotes an informed, intentional selection of assessments for the right purpose and supplies all stakeholders with the right information to inform next steps.

    An intervention is an instructional resource or support that is implemented in addition to Tier 1 core instruction. Interventions can be implemented for academic, attendance, behavioral and social emotional support to students who are at risk or required additional challenge. 

    By monitoring and analyzing their intervention programs, districts can maximize and amplify effective strategies, make efficient and timely decisions about intervention allocation and programming.

    For more information, please contact your building principals:

    Elementary School
    Andrea Conover
    Phone: 518-895-2580, ext. 221

    Jr./Sr. High School
    Jodi Marvin
    Phone: 518-895-3000, ext. 221