6th grade move postponed

Late last spring, Duanesburg Central School District made the decision to move 6th grade students to the junior/senior high school campus for the 2020-21 school year. The decision was made after careful study of the district’s curriculum for middle-level learners (grades 6-8) following the state’s transition from the Common Core to the Next Generation Learning Standards.

While the goal of the decision – to provide 6th grade students with an environment that more closely meets their needs and expands their opportunities while preparing them for the future – does not change, the move itself has been postponed. Sixth graders will remain at the elementary school next fall.

The current school year has been one of change and transition, with the departure of Superintendent Frank Macri, subsequent appointment of Interim Superintendent Jeffery Ziegler, and the search for a new superintendent who will begin in July 2020.

The district needs to take more time, in considering a move of the 6th grade, to take a closer look at curriculum and programming for middle-level students, the logistics of scheduling and activities, and transportation needs. The DCS administration and Board of Education understand that a change of this magnitude should not be taken lightly.

Interim Superintendent Ziegler is committed to the development of a comprehensive plan for middle-level students and detailed steps that need to be taken before a move, so that by the middle of the 2020-21 school year, DCS staff and the school community will be fully prepared. The goal remains to put forth the best possible educational program and learning environment for 6th grade students and beyond.

The district will keep the school community informed as this planning progresses through direct communication with parents and guardians, meetings, the newsletter and this website.