Update April 2: Alternative process for issuing Working Papers

During the period of school closures due to COVID -19, parents/guardians and minors can complete the appropriate application form and email to: mhundley@duanesburg.org

Fillable PDF versions of the AT-17 Application for Employment Certificate and AT-22 Application for Employment Permit can be accessed by clicking on the links.  These forms allow digital signatures.

Once received, Mrs. Hundley will schedule a video call with the student, and if required, the parent or guardian.  She will also review what additional documentation will be required of the student. During the video call, the student will present any additional required documentation as per the initial scheduling call.

Mrs. Hundley will then complete the working card and mail it to the student. The student should sign the card upon receipt. The requirement that the student sign the card in the presence of the certificating officer is temporarily waived for the duration of Duanesburg Central School COVID-19 closure.

Full links for printable and fillable PDF forms:

AT-17 Application for Employment Certificate:

AT-22 Application for Employment Permit: