Staying connected was elementary

Whether they were being inspired by a daily video message from Principal Andrea Conover, working with their teachers remotely in Google Classroom, or viewing how to bubble paint via a Facebook video by their art teacher, Duanesburg Elementary students never stopped learning and growing this school year, despite a global pandemic.

Just like in the classroom, their teachers made subjects like math, science, English and social studies come alive. And just like in school, their days held more than academic lessons. In early April, DES faculty and staff reached out on video to share words of encouragement and let students know they were missed.

Through Stories From Our Staff videos, students learned how to be respectful and kind to others, have fun being active outside, be patient – and look for the rainbow –  during challenging times, cope with frustration in fun and positive ways, and stay safe in the pool this summer.

Duanesburg Elementary students: We are very proud of you! Enjoy your summer.

Stories From Our Staff videos
Mrs. Minute: The importance of being kind

Mrs. Rivenburg and Mikayla: Things to do outside

Mrs. Benjamin and Zinnia: Taking a break

Mrs. Walsh: You cannot have a rainbow without a little rain

Mrs. Waltz: Being safe in the pool this summer

Bubble painting with Mrs. Chovan and friends

DCS faculty and staff reach out to students & families: We miss you!