January 2021 water testing results notification for Duanesburg Jr./Sr. High School

Jan. 6, 2021

Dear Parents and Staff: 

The Health and Safety of students and staff at Duanesburg Central School District High School is our number one priority. On September 6, 2016 Governor Cuomo signed legislation which requires all public schools in New York State to test all potable water sources for lead. The regulation requires public schools to conduct lead sampling every five years. For the 2020 round of sampling, Duanesburg Central School District collected the water samples in accordance with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 3-T’s protocol.

On the morning of December 9th 2020, a total of 76 sources of water were collected and analyzed at the Adirondack Environmental Laboratory, which is certified by the New York State Department of Health. The district obtained results on January 5 2021. All sources tested, except 1 were below the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and New York State Department of Health Action Level for schools. Testing showed a sample from the Kitchen Pot Filler to be elevated. The maximum contamination level (MCL) set by the EPA and NYSDOH is 15 parts per billion. The water source in question (Kitchen Pot Filler) tested at 184 ppb.

Upon receiving the analytical results, the district took immediate action which included notifying the High School kitchen staff not to use the water for consumption. Additionally a sign was posted stating not to consume the water. The district shall determine the source of lead and eliminate it.

While we know that this information may cause some concern, we are taking the necessary steps to address the situation and confirm the safety of water throughout the district. There is nothing that we take more seriously than the well-being of our students and staff.

We will keep you informed about this issue. Please contact me if you have any questions. 


James Niedermeier, Ed.D.
Duanesburg CSD