DCS Drama Club presents “Cinderella,” March 24, 25 & 26

young actors and actresses perform on a theatrical stage
Lorelei Benson as Cinderella; Asa Pagano as Prince Christopher; Lauren Capron as step-sister Joy; Christiona Fourman as step-sister Grace; Jade Menzies as Cinderella’s step-mother

Over 80 DCS students in grades 6-12 are involved with this weekend’s DCS Drama Club production of Roders and Hammerstein’s Cinderella (the Enchanted Edition), with 7 p.m. performances on both Friday, March 24 and Saturday, March 25, and a 2 p.m. performance on Sunday, March 26. 

General admission tickets can be purchased online in advance:  https://bit.ly/DCS_CinderellaTix

Tickets will also be available for purchase at the door. Adult tickets are $12. Student tickets are $8. Performances will take place in Joe Bena Hall at the Duanesburg Jr.-Sr. High School.

The show is co-directed by Lindsay Heck and Scott Hopkins, who are both music teachers at Duanesburg Jr.-Sr. High School.

New this year, the show will feature a full-size pit orchestra, composed of DCS students and faculty members, which will be conducted by Hopkins. Prior to the show, a short movie will be played that features cast photos, commercials and messages to cast members, which was produced and edited by students in the district’s high school Digital Media Production class. The drama club is also showcasing new microphones and an improved sound system, along with new mid-stage curtains that allow for more versatility for the actors on stage.

actors perform a scene on a theatrical stage

students use hand puppets that look like mice in a theatrical scene on stage

students perform a scene on a theatrical stage

a young teenaged boy is dressed as a prince a student rehearses a scene on a theatrical stage

a man conducts an orchestra in a theater

a woman gives directions to a play cast on a theatrical stage


Lindsay Heck and Scott Hopkins


Scott Hopkins


Cinderella – Lorelei Benson

Fairy Godmother – Virginia Tower

Prince Christopher – Asa Pagano

Stepmother – Jade Menzies

Grace – Christiona Fourman

Joy – Lauren Capron

Queen Costantina – Eowyn Boggs

King Maximillian – Santino Bailey

Lionel – Ava Pagano

Mice/Horses – Izzy Acevedo, Cadence Weaver, Grace Weaver, Connor Zyniecki

Ensemble (soloists) – Izzy Acevedo, Olivia Campbell, Mallorie Howe, Lilly Kline, Samantha Noviczski, Lily Pennock, Lucy Spor, Cadence Weaver, Connor Zyniecki

Ensemble – Michael Bailey, Anna Burns, Paige Deffer, Guillian DePiero, Callie Lennon, Lucy MacTiernan, Noah MacTiernan, Charlie McClure, Kellan Tracy, Grace Weaver


Flute 1 – Maddy Engel

Flute 2 – Wyatt Moss, Jennifer Patino, Kelly Rosenzweig, Julia Lowry

Clarinet 1 – Breeanna Moss, Zoe DeAngelis

Clarinet 2 – Ryan Koenitzer, Mikaela McGovern

Oboe & English Horn (Soprano & Alto Sax) – Heather Black

Bassoon – Preston Voelker

Trumpet 1 – Burke Herrick 

Trumpet 2 – Matthew Newvine

French Horn 1 – Keegan Brooks

French Horn 2 (Alto Sax) – Morgan Malpezzi

French Horn 3 (Alto Sax) – Logan Kapusta

Trombone – Jared Slingerland, Noah McMaster

Violin 1 – Rachel Devernoe

Violin 2 – Brooke Vincent

Violin 3 – Corinne Pelkie

Cello – Jan Herrick, John Meltz

Bass – Grace DeAngelis

Keyboard 1 – Mary-Clare Waltz

Keyboard 2 – Guenevere Evans

Percussion – Jecen Zdanowicz, Allison Hopkins


Stage Manager – Gianna Bittner

Stage Crew – Kieran Loftfield, Elias Cadiz, Derrick Himes, Zachary Hoffman, Sean Kottl, Zack Largeteau, Alex Lewandowski

Props Manager – Jessie Rapp

Technical Crew:

Sound Design – Scott Hopkins, Vic Silva

Sound Crew – Gaby Patino, Noah Peterson, Nathan Geidel, Nolan O’Connor, Bryce Mensing, Rachel Devernoe

Lighting Design – Vic Sliva

Lighting Crew – Vic Silva, Noah Peterson, Carter Hopkins, Bridgett O’Donnell

Production Team:

Choreographer – Lindsay Heck, Jean Tower

Set Design – Kevin DiTondo, Lindsay Heck, Scott Hopkins

Set Construction and Painting – Kevin DiTondo, Gianna Bittner, Jessie Rapp, Keiran Loftfield

Costume Design – Lindsay Heck

Costume Managers – Lindsay Heck, Jade Menzies

Makeup – Andrew Longo, Heather Black, Allison Hopkins

Photographers – PJ Weston, Grace Hemstreet, Emilia Nowak, Abigail Campbell

Advertisement & Donation Sales – Scott Hopkins, Dawn Johnson, Casey Rosensweig, Karen Benson

Commercial Production – Chris Lohret, Andrew Longo, Anthony Cervera, Hannah Borski, Jennifer Patino, Lillian Kline

Tickets – Lindsay Heck, Samantha Spor

Posters – Melanie Capron, Ava Pagano