Artist-inspired hearts in the hallways

Student created mural inspired by Goldcrown

Duanesburg Elementary students tapped into lessons learned in Amanda Chovan’s art classes to create colorful bulletin boards for February.

“We did a ‘Love’ bulletin board inspired by contemporary mural/street artist James Goldcrown, with  every student in the building contributing hearts to our piece,” Chovan said.

“Each second grade class created a different themed project. We had ‘Love Bugs’ from classroom 2W, where we learned about the line of symmetry and were cutting.

“Classroom 2O created Chris Uphues-inspired hearts with fun faces on them, and classroom 2D learned about printmaking and drawing animals with fun faces,” Chovan added.

“Lastly, kindergarten has been learning about the artist Piet Mondrian and made primary colored hearts using collage techniques and cutting.”

two students standing by hearts mural

Bulletin board artwork inspired by Piet Mondrian

2nd grade hearts art

Student created mural inspired by Goldcrown without all of the hearts