Update April 17: Closure & 3rd quarter grading

The following message is being sent on April 17 to all parents and guardians.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced during his April 16 press briefing that New York state will remain “on pause” through May 15 to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

As part of this order, schools throughout the state will remain closed through May 15. The governor could extend the closure again if he feels it is necessary to contain the virus.

Our teachers have been in contact with students and their families to provide instructional materials and will continue to do so on Google Classroom throughout this extended closure in accordance with the district’s plan for continuing instruction.

If your child has not connected to Google Classroom please contact your teacher or call leaving a voicemail for the Secretary to the Principal.
Additionally, we will be posting Quarter 3 Grade Reports on the parent portal.  This report will contain a numerical grade for work completed prior to the locking down of grades on March 13th.  Post March 13th grading will be indicated by Evidence of Learning (EL) = the student has demonstrated learning of essential curriculum based on what was taught and assigned and/or Evidence of Additional Support Needed (EAS) = the student has not completed an assignment, or work completed does not yet demonstrate learning of essential curriculum.

There will also be an overall component for the Quarter 3 Grade Report that will also be indicated by the EL or EAS scale.  Students should connect with their teacher during classroom office hours to coordinate the opportunity to redo and resubmit work to demonstrate evidence of learning.

For those parents and guardians who are considered essential workers during this closure, local child care resources are available.

The district’s food service department will continue to provide meals:
Deliveries of breakfast (extra food items will be provided for this meal) and lunch are scheduled Monday through Friday for students in the free and reduced-price meal program, and for families who reach out to the district asking for this assistance during the school closure. Weekend backpacks also continue to be distributed.

If you were not contacted, or you are a district family facing a food hardship for your children during this difficult time, please reach out to Mary Jewell, Food Services Director, at (518) 895-3000, ext. 228.
We appreciate families’ patience and flexibility during this time. We know this is a challenging time for everyone. The district will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available on the COVID-19/Coronavirus webpage