It takes more than a village of Whos

High school students on stage as cast and crew of "Seussical"

It takes more than a village of Whos to present “Seussical Jr.” Here’s a list of the cast and crew for the  musical set for Nov. 1-3 in Joe Bena Auditorium.

The cast

JoJo: Hailie Eckel
The Cat in the Hat: Michaela Fourman
Horton: Andrew Longo
Mr. Mayor: Corinne Wright
Mrs. Mayor: Bailey Grenier
Gertrude McFuzz: Natalie Losito
Mayzie La Bird: Haley Correra
Wickersham Brother 1/Vladikoff: Izzy Acevedo
Wickersham Brother 2/Grinch: Carl Smith
Wickersham Brother 3: Johnna Whiting
Wickersham Brother 1/Judge: Charlie McClure
Wickersham Brother 2: Sophia LeClair
Bird Girl 1: Eowyn Boggs
Bird Girl 2: Callie DeLucia
Bird Girl 3: Jade Menzies
Bird Girl 1: Nicole Forbes
Bird Girl 2: Brenna Hewett
Sour Kangaroo: Ava Pagano
Young Kangaroo: Lorelie Benson

Allison Hopkins
Rebecca Earley
Brooke Grenier
Hailey Rose
Lourdes LaVare

DCS high school actors in "Seussical" as girl, Horton hug on stage

a female and a male student working with staple gun on set on stage

students and teacher working with rigging on stage

The crew

Stage Manager: Maggie Wennberg
Lights: Cassie Dillenbeck
Sound: Gabby Patino
Set Crew:
Adriana Edmonds
Cody Deshnaw
Devon Colucci
Alexis Hunt
Justin Colucci
Zach Hewett
McKenzie Doherty
Ally Yauchler

male students working with stage mic wiring

Production Staff

Director/Producer: Mira Ordon
Assistant to the director: Noreen Egan
Set Construction: Michael Gauthier
Set design: Kevin DiTondo
Choreographer: Jackie Stark
Program: Michele Hall

Duane Players Drama Club Officers

President: Hailie Eckel
Vice President: Andrew Longo
Secretary: Haley Correra
Treasurer: Bailey Grenier