UPDATED Dec. 18: School closure protocols and remote learning

Dear DCS Community:

Based on observations and feedback regarding the “Remote Learning Day” called on Dec. 17, we have decided on some important updates intended to improve our snow day protocols this year: 

  • In the event that conditions call for another weather closure, we will call a traditional snow day unless we reach a point when all closure days allotted in our calendar have been used. 
  • If and when all closure days have been used, we will call a “Remote Learning Day” in order to prevent having to subtract days from Spring Break. 
  • In the event that another emergency “Remote Learning Day” is called, students will login to Seesaw or Google Classroom and follow their normal schedules remotely with live instruction from teachers. ES grade level schedules may be found here and will be reviewed with students at the start of each “Remote Learning Day” in homeroom. 


We will continue to notify you about school closures, delays, and transitions to remote learning via One Call Now and our other normal methods of communication; however, notifications in the media for “Remote Learning Days” will read “Open; Remote Learning.” 

Food Service

Food service is available to students learning remotely, no matter the duration. In the event that we have advanced warning of a possible “Remote Learning Day,” we will make efforts to provide students in need with the following day’s meals in advance. 

Transportation to and from Off-Site Placements

Transportation to and from special education off-site placements is available to students when we are in a remote learning situation as long as the special education facility is open. Transportation to these facilities will not be available when a traditional snow day closure is called.

Transportation to CTE or other occupational education programs will be available during remote learning situations not called due to weather-related conditions. 

Parent Judgement and Unique Circumstances

As always, parents who deem roads unsafe for travel due to weather or feel that the weather conditions are not acceptable for their child(ren) to attend school, regardless of a district announcement, should use their own judgment as to whether to send their child to school or to transport them at  a later time. We also know that some circumstances, such as home power outages, will sometimes prevent attendance remotely or in person. Please notify the office of the building your child(ren) attend so that they are aware of these events

Decision Making

Please know that the decision to cancel school is not one that I take lightly. Though I appreciate and share the affection for days off to enjoy snowy weather, our purpose as a district is to provide learning opportunities to students. Maximizing instructional time is crucial to ensuring our students’ success. We will continue to explore opportunities to maximize instructional time  as long as we can do so safely and equitably.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions. 

Thank you for your continued support,

Dr. James Niedermeier
Duanesburg CSD