Nine members of DCS’ Class of 2022 complete BOCES CTE certifications

Earlier this month, nine members of Duanesburg’s Class of 2022 were recognized for completing their designated programs of study at Capital Region BOCES Career and Technical School.

Congratulations to the following members of DCS’ Class of 2022!

  • Griffin Boehlke – Electrical Trades
  • Tyler Busch – Culinary
  • James Holliday – Construction
  • Alex Howell – Welding
  • Evan Kuhne – Electrical Trades
  • Jayme Lee – Culinary
  • John Moller – Gaming Design
  • Ryan Potter – Welding
  • Kyle Salisburg – Electrical Trades

Two DCS students were honored with awards of excellence — Evan Kuhne (Outstanding Student/Electrical Trades) and Kyle Salisburg (Growth in Achievement/Electrical Trades).

Duanesburg juniors and seniors have the opportunity to participate in the CTE program for half of the school day, while finishing up required graduation courses at Duanesburg Senior High School during the other half of the day. Duanesburg students interested in participating in CTE should contact their guidance counselor:

Kristina Goebel, School Counselor, (518) 895-5350, ext. 261
Joshua Moeckel, School Counselor, (518) 895-5350, ext. 226

Some of this year’s CTE graduates will immediately join the workforce, while others will build on their CTE certifications by attending college. Regardless of their individual plans after high school graduation, all of our CTE students will leave DCS with a valuable skill set and knowledge that will serve them well in their future careers. 

two young chefs cook in the kitchen
Culinary students Tyler Busch (left) and Jayme Lee (right).
a young man is shown welding
Ryan Potter, Welding
a young man with dark hair is shown working on an electrical panel
Evan Kuhne, Electrical Trades
a young man is shown using a sanding machine
James Holliday, Construction Trades
a young man wearing a blue cap and gown receives a diploma
John Moller, Gaming Design
a young man wearing a blue cap and gown receives a diploma on stage
Alex Howell, Welding
a young man with an orange shirt and a face mask sits at a table
Griffin Boehlke (left), Electrical Trades
a young man wearing a cap and gown shakes the hand of a teacher on a stage
Kyle Salisburg, Electrical Trades