New teachers join the Duanesburg team

Duanesburg welcomed 14 new faculty members this week for two days of orientation. Each year the district provides a series of informational sessions to prepare new teachers as they navigate life as a member of the team.

The orientation included an introduction to the district

Duanesburg Central School District administrative staff and board of ed member with 14 new teachers at the annual new staff orientation in front of the high school entrance on Aug. 31l

Strategic Plan and Goals, as well as an overview of the many forms of technology that are part of today’s public education. Some fun was mixed into the orientation, including a scavenger hunt, which involved driving through the community and visiting important areas of the High School and Middle School to take pictures.


Toni Amorosi, who taught in the district for 39 years and now serves on the Board of Education, led the group on a separate bus tour of the district so the teachers could get a glimpse into the community they now serve.

“Duanesburg is a great place to work and a great place to live,” Amorosi said. “The school is the community and the community is the school.”

First-year High School Business Teacher Marc du Moulin enjoyed the tour. “I was surprised at the variety of the community,” he said. “People think of farms when they hear the name Duanesburg. It’s not. I like the woods, so it was great to see the trees and the open fields.”

While Duanesburg is a rural district, du Moulin said it will not be difficult to bring the larger world of business and commerce to his students.

“It’s a big world,” he said. “I’ll be reaching out to the larger business community for guest speakers as I help my students understand the opportunities they will have.”

Good luck to the new members of the faculty. The 2021-22 school year starts Wednesday, Sept. 8.