7th & 8th Grade Supply Lists

      Students will not be sharing supplies!
      Students will be keeping the following supplies with them in their classroom at their desk:

    ● We HIGHLY RECOMMEND students have an inexpensive pair of headphones/earbuds with microphone to be brought to school every day:

      • They should have a regular plug (no lightning or USB C port)
      • Here are some helpful examples/suggestions:

    ● We suggest students have a zippered pouch or pencil case to keep the following supplies:

      • Three dozen # 2 pencils (please plan on replenishing as the school year goes on!)
      • Erasers (cap or separate, your choice)
      • Two dozen blue or black pens (no red, please) 
      • Highlighters
      • Colored pencils
      • Glue (stick or bottle, your choice)
      • Scissors (any comfortable size for your child)
      • Small hand-held pencil sharpener

    ● 6  – two-pocket folders (Social Studies, English, Science, Technology, Spanish & Art)
    ● 2  – 1” binders (Math & Family/Consumer Science)
    ● Ruler (with inches and centimeters)
    ● Tissues (to replenish for your child as the year goes on)
    ● Scientific calculator (TI-34 multi view)
    ● Safe way to transport Chromebook & supplies home safely (backpack or laptop sleeve or bag)

    PARENT REMINDER! If you do not have access to eSchool Parent Portal, please use the summer as an opportunity to contact Jeff Rivenburg, jrivenburg@duanesburg.org or (518) 895-5350, ext. 321 to set up access. It is the best way to keep up to date with your child’s progress!

    The 7th & 8th Grade Team Teachers