Duanesburg Jr./Sr. High School Handbook

2022-23 Student Handbook, Print-friendly Version

The Duanesburg Jr./Sr. High School Student Handbook contains information about our school and the policies and procedures you and your child will need to be familiar with for a successful school year. In it you will find information pertaining to:

  • Your child’s grades and progress reports
  • Records pertaining to your child
  • Conferences with your child’s teacher
  • Duanesburg’s attendance policy
  • Duanesburg’s Code of Conduct (abbreviated form)

Because the information contained in this handbook is so important, we want to ensure that you and your child have read the handbook and you assist you child in his/her understanding of the contents.

Parents will be asked to return a signed form confirming receipt of a paper copy of this handbook to the main office.

This digital copy is provided as a convenience to parents and students. If you have any further questions about anything contained in this handbook, please contact the main office at (518) 895-3000.


The Student handbook is a document that is meant to guide students’ understanding of school rules and procedures. This handbook is not a complete list of all school policies. Other documents such as the Code of Conduct, Athletic Handbook, Sexual Harassment Policy, etc. are available upon request in the main office. The handbook isn’t an irrevocable contractual commitment to the student, but reflects the current status of the rules and policies.

Addressing concerns or questions

General academic concerns should be addressed with a student’s teacher, academic scheduling concerns with a student’s school counselor, and academic concerns related to special education with a student’s special education teacher.

Athletic issues should be addressed with a student’s coach, transportation concerns with the transportation department, and buildings and grounds concerns with the director of facilities. Food services concerns are handled by the food services manager, and business office, taxes and technology concerns are handled by the district office.