Clubs and Activities

Art Club

Advisor: Amanda Chovan
Art club explores various materials and fun projects that typically aren’t available to use for larger classroom projects. Students get to list and vote on the types of projects they would like to explore. It is a very informal and fun time for students to find a bit more freedom in their art. 

Community Service Club

Advisor:  Emily Goodwin
The Community Service Club holds a variety of fundraisers and collection drives throughout the year, including collecting donations of warm clothing and winter wear, collecting donations for disaster victims and animal shelters, helping to secure a new piano for the school, and cleaning the playground and other school areas.  


Advisor:  Debbie Johnson
Crazy-8’s is a math club targeted for students in grades K-2 in which students are encouraged to build, run, jump, make music, and make a mess all while learning and exploring math concepts! This club runs after school from 2:50- 3:50 for eight weeks. We offer a fall session and a spring session.

LEGO Robotics Club

Advisor: Michael Gauthier
The LEGO Robotics Club offers 4th and 5th grade students the opportunity to explore and learn new skills, such as building and programming robots using LEGO Mindstorms kits, while enjoying the fun and creativity of working with LEGOs. Along the way, they learn how to brainstorm ideas, problem solve and work as a team. The club also introduces skills students can go on to use in community-based FIRST LEGO League and SeaPerch activities.


Director: Mary-Clare Waltz
The elementary 5th grade chorus members perform a musical in mid March every year. This requires 10 weeks of practice three days a week after school. Students audition and are selected based on their singing and acting auditions. Being part of a musical requires team work and dedication but the pride and joy in the production makes it all worth it!

Odyssey of the Mind

Advisors:  Amalia Paneiro
Creative problem solving comes from teamwork, cooperation and risk-taking. That’s the principle behind Odyssey of the Mind, an international problem-solving competition that is both fun and challenging. Students team up to work on one of several open-ended problems that the international organization poses each year. For example, one problem may require students to build a structure that meets specific guidelines. Another problem may require a theatrical solution that is written and performed by students. There is a regional competition each spring and, depending on how students score, they may proceed to the state level or beyond. 

Peer to Peer

Facilitators:  Michelle De’Leon & Bridget Minute
Peer to Peer is a social skills program that was started for students who would benefit from social skills instruction in our school district. The population that we currently serve ranges in age from 5-10 years old (grades K-5).

Running Club

Advisor:  Ryan Patrie
Running Club is a free and voluntary opportunity to have fun and be active for students in K-6 before school. Anyone can join! Every Wednesday morning, students complete laps around a cone course in the gymnasium from 7:15-7:40 a.m. Upon completion of each lap, students are handed a popsicle stick. At the conclusion of each session, students count and report their popsicle sticks (laps). Laps will be recorded and tracked throughout the school year. Awards will be handed out in June for participating in at least 50% of the Running Club sessions, as well as some other special awards including the coveted “Golden Sneaker!” Running club meets from October through May.

Student Council

Elementary School Advisor:  Spencer Falco
Student Council membership provides an avenue for students to discuss ways to improve their school and have a voice in school operations. The Student Council sponsors several dances each year. Other activities include various service projects and fundraisers that help support student field trips at all grade levels. This is a great way for students to get leadership experience while having a positive impact on their school.


Advisor:  Spencer Falco