Elementary PBIS news: a parade, care packages, sharing

The Duanesburg Elementary School PBIS Team has been hard at work supporting our school community. Most students associate PBIS with the golden tickets they receive at school when they make choices that are respectful, responsible and safe. With the school building closed and virtual classrooms the new normal, the PBIS Team has looked for new ways to support the school, its staff, and students. 

The Elementary School “Reverse Parade” kicks off on the evening of Thursday, May 21. Teachers and staff will set up in the school parking lot ready to greet the students as they drive by. The parade will provide a much needed in-person boost for the community. Elementary teacher and PBIS coach Bridget Minute said, “I miss my students just as much as they miss me.  Seeing them in person at the parade will be really special.” 

Forty-eight mini care packages will be delivered later this week by our intrepid bus drivers. Teachers in the elementary school each selected a few students to receive the care packages which contain notebooks, pencils, bookmarks and more. A note enclosed with each care package reads: “Packed with love by your D.E.S. family.” The care packages will help keep the physical connection to their school family that so many students are missing right now.

Duanesburg Elementary School knows that every family is weathering the school closure differently but the love that comes from our school is unconditional. Staff members gather virtually each week in a PBIS sponsored Google Meet. Teachers have been sharing ups and downs of the digital classroom and comparing notes. 

“The Thursday night meetings are the anchor of my week,” says Polly Benjamin, reading teacher and PBIS coach “I know I’ll have a chance to talk to other teachers and get new ideas. It is refreshing to feel like I’m not alone in this.”

“Stories from our Staff” grew out of the teachers’ desire to have more contact with the community. This funny video series is being shared on social media by the school and DCPTA. Teachers have been enjoying sharing their thoughts and ideas about what to do at home. 

PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. The Elementary PBIS Team has reimagined itself to support positive behaviors and provide social-emotional support during the school closure. The Elementary PBIS Team includes Principal Andrea Conover, PBIS coaches Bridget Minute and Polly Benjamin, as well as faculty members Mary Neitzel, Christina Stryjek, Laurel Hallberg, Erin Goodwin, Michelle DeLeon and Melanie O’Neill. 

Below are some photos of the PBIS care packages to be enjoyed by DES students

PBIS care package contents including model airplane, pencil

PBIS care packages ready to go