Special Education

  • Whether services are provided in-person, remote and/or through a hybrid model, the district will provide all students with disabilities with special education services commensurate with those established by Individualized Educational Programs (IEP’s).
  • The district’s Committee on Special Education (CSE) will develop a communication tool that explains how services might differ in remote or hybrid environments and work with parents to ensure that all student needs are met to the best of the district’s abilities.
  • Special education teachers will monitor the progress of all students on their caseload and will communicate regularly with parents and school administrators.
  • All special education students will be provided with access to the necessary accommodations, modifications, supplementary aids and services, and technology (including assistive technology) to meet the unique disability-related needs of students.

For information about meaningful parent engagement regarding the provision of services to a child to meet the requirements of the IDEA, visit the Communication/Family and Community Engagement section of our reopening plan.