DCS Leo Club reopens Eagle’s Outlet at Duanesburg Jr.-Sr. High School

two teenaged girls with long dark hair stand outside of a storefront labeled "Eagle's Outlet."
Leo Club co-presidents, Hailey Rose and Brooke Grenier, stand outside of “Eagle’s Outlet,” a second-hand thrift store located in the Duanesburg Jr.-Sr. High School where all items are free for any DCS student.

The Eagle’s Outlet at Duanesburg Junior-Senior High School has once again opened its doors to the DCS school community. Previously operated by students enrolled in business classes at DCS, the store is now being managed by members of the Leo Club, of which math teacher Teresa Crasto-Donnelly and social studies teacher Ashley Sigond serve as co-advisors.

The Eagle’s Outlet is a second-hand thrift store located in the high school, containing gently-used clothing items and shoes that have been donated from staff, students and community members. Students can go to the Outlet whenever they are in need of an item — and everything in the store is 100% free of charge. In addition to clothing items, the Outlet also offers school supplies and toiletry items, also free of charge. 

a young girl in a pink sweater hangs up an orange t-shirt on a hanger
school supplies toiletries are shown in a bin a purple winter coat shows the name North Face white sneakers show the name Convers All Star

The store has been in existence since just prior to COVID. Students in Mr. Gauthier’s technology classes, and students in Mr. DiTondo’s studio art class helped make the shop come to life, by designing, building and decorating the entrance way to the Eagle’s Outlet. 

The volunteer work that members of the Leo Club are doing with the Outlet closely aligns to the group’s mission of community service. The Leo Club is an offshoot of the Lion Club’s local Duanesburg chapter. DCS Students are able to participate in the Leo Club at both the elementary school and the high school.

At the high school, Leo Club officers for the 2023-24 school year include co-Presidents Brooke Grenier and Hailey Rose, who are both juniors, and Vice President Jennifer Patino, who is a sophomore.

Leo Club members sign up to open the Outlet during their free periods each week. An email is sent to the student body at the beginning of each week so they know what days/periods they can visit the Outlet.

a young girl in a pink sweater folds a pair of pants before putting them on the shelf
a blue winter coat hangs on a rack women's boots are displayed on a shelf
a purple button down shirt has a yellow emblem on it a white winter coat hangs on a rack
two pairs of sneakers are displayed on a shelf a girl hangs up a winter coat on a rack