DCS launches strategic plan to bolster achievement

The Duanesburg Central School District has unveiled a three-year strategic plan for strengthening its educational program. Superintendent of Schools Dr. James Niedermeier presented “DCS Forward” during a virtual community forum on Dec. 10. 

The plan features long-term goals and the work that is being done to achieve them. The plan focuses on bolstering academic achievement, expanding opportunities and strengthening community ties while maintaining financial stability. The goals are based on recent academic data and the visionary leadership of the Board of Education, Superintendent of Schools Dr. James Niedermeier and school administrators. 

“This comprehensive plan marks a transformational moment for the Duanesburg Central School District,” Superintendent Niedermeier said. “The world is changing so rapidly that it’s hard to imagine what our students’ lives will be like when they become adults. But we know the direction we need to move in to put them on the path that has the greatest likelihood toward success. With this plan, we take the first steps in that direction.”

six icons that say academic achievement, personal development, facilities & finances, culture, partnerships, communication

The goals are: 

  • Academic Achievement: We will increase the number of students participating in challenging coursework and the number of students demonstrating proficiency across curricula.
  • Personal Development: We will encourage our students to become well-rounded individuals through engagement in the arts, athletics, extracurricular activities, volunteerism and career development. We will support our staff in professional capacity building endeavors. 
  • Facilities & Finances: We will create and maintain safe, inviting, and modern facilities designed to help our students succeed without sacrificing district financial stability.
  • Culture: We will foster a culture that all district stakeholders believe is safe, welcoming and inclusive.
  • Partnerships: We will partner with resources that will help us prepare our students for fulfilling their dreams and aspirations for the future. 
  • Communication: We will recognize the exemplary work of students and staff, give all stakeholders more input into school decisions, and elevate our reputation across the region. 

The school district will begin work toward achieving the goals outlined in “DCS Forward” during the 2020-21 school year. Work will continue through the 2022-23 school year and beyond.

Watch the presentation