BOE Policy 1510 – Regular Board Meetings and Rules (Quorum and Parliamentary Procedure)

Public Expression

The Board encourages public participation at Board meetings during a specific portion of the agenda entitled “Privilege of the Floor: Public Comment.”

The Public Comment section is not the time or place to register complaints about individuals or items that have not first been addressed, through proper channels with those closest to the issue, such as a teacher, the building principal, the superintendent, or other appropriate party. Individuals making statements during privilege of the floor are expected to be courteous and respectful, modeling for our students how one can participate and have their voice heard in situations where there is agreement or disagreement with others’ views. If members of the public have gone through proper channels and still wish to discuss a matter with the Board, they can submit their comments in writing to the Board Clerk. At its discretion, the Board may invite visitors to its meetings to participate in the Board’s discussion of matters on the agenda.

  • The Public Comment section is an opportunity for residents (and residents only) to address the Board of Education.

  • Public Comment should take place only in the portion of the agenda designated. This is usually at the beginning of each meeting.

  • Persons wishing to address the Board must indicate their desire to speak in advance on the sign-in sheet.

  • Because the Board typically has many business items on its agenda, speakers must confine their comments to three minutes.

  • The Board will not address specific questions/comments, but may ask for your name and contact information in the event follow-up is necessary.

  • The Board will not permit in public session discussion involving individual personnel or students. Persons wishing to discuss matters involving individual personnel or students should present their comments and/or concerns to the Superintendent, who will share them with the Board at the next executive session.