Board of Education Meeting Minutes Jan. 22, 2019

We endeavor to provide students of every ability with the support, dedication and quality instruction they need as they strive for personal excellence and work to fulfill the dreams and aspirations they have for their future.

1. To provide opportunities to improve overall student success by both recognizing and developing student achievement in all areas.
2. Maintain and improve the district’s fiscal stability, delivering excellent educational results at a cost commensurate with the community’s economic condition.
3. Continually evaluate, maintain and improve facilities that address the current and future needs of our district and provide students, employees and community members with an inviting, safe, efficient and modern infrastructure.
4. Expand methods to improve communication with parents and community members using multiple methods to promote proactive, interactive and meaningful two-way communication, including the use of the 21st century technologies.
5. Foster meaningful relationships with all stakeholders.
6. Continue to support the school district culture of a safe, welcoming and inclusive climate with a strong emphasis on effective strategies that support all students.

ROLL CALL: Pres. Camille Siano Enders, VP Deb Grier, Kent Sanders, Jennifer Sexton, Shayne Mitchell, Joshua Menzies, Teresa Wood-Irvin

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER at  6:33 p.m. by  President Siano Enders.

Also Present: Superintendent Macri, Business Official Rivenburg, Principal Conover, Principal Marvin, Athletic Director Hardenstine


AGENDA CHANGES – additions and/or deletions

– Coach DeMasi passed – coached 20+ years w/DCS, 40+ years total, is a great loss, Channel 10 news was here talking with students regarding the coach.
– UPK meeting with Andrea & Martha Frank; 8 slots open in March at Whispering Pines, next year there will be 26 slots with 18 at DCS. Second week in February there will be an open house at Whispering Pines and a night meeting here to discuss the UPK program.
– Duanesburg Day – now posted on Facebook, Twitter, school website and in news & notes

Principal Conover –
– Launched the enrichment program for grades 4, 5 & 6. Students in the high range had to write what working on a team looks like. Each grade team was issued a challenge & it will be completed in 10-12 weeks. Cannot use the internet for information or they will be disqualified.
Principal Marvin –
– Coach DeMasi would come in early & would talk to any student who walked by
– Regents have started
– The librarian is doing amazing work. Went to a class & brought back robots, goggles & is working with the kids.
– The 2nd marking period is ending.
Athletic Director Hardenstine –
– Coach Demasi was very very humble, quiet, gentle, not only influenced runners but to be the men they wanted to be, very intelligent.
– Winter sports are winding down – 1/23 Senior wrestling night, 1/31 WAC bowling, 2/1 Senior girls’ basketball night, 2/4 Senior boys’ basketball night, 2/7 Bowling sectionals
– Zach Lawrence took 1st in Eastern States, #1 in section, #1 in state, Charlie Grygas took 2nd in Eastern States and is #2 in state. Eastern States had 575 wrestlers from 170 schools



Recommendation that the Board of Education approve the minutes of the January 8, 2019 meeting as submitted.
Motion by: Board Member Menzies
Seconded by: Board Member Sanders 
In favor:  6
Opposed:  0
Abstain: 1
Motion carried

Audit Committee – Deb Grier (chair), Shayne Mitchell, Teresa Wood-Irvin
Buildings & Grounds Committee – Kent Sanders (chair), Shayne Mitchell, Jennifer Sexton
Education Committee – Jennifer Sexton (chair), Teresa Wood-Irvin, Deb Grier
Employee Relations Committee – Camille Siano Enders (chair), Kent Sanders, Deb Grier
Policy Committee – Joshua Menzies (chair), Teresa Wood-Irvin, Shayne Mitchell
Public Relations Committee – Deb Grier (chair), Jennifer Sexton

1. Accept Claims Auditor’s Comments on January 4, 2019 report.
General Warrant # 13 $356,822.90
Motion by: Board Member Sanders
Seconded by: Board Member Sexton
In favor:  7
Opposed: 0
Motion carried

2. Approve Agreements with Cobleskill-Richmondville CSD.
Recommendation that the Duanesburg Board of Education approve the agreements between Cobleskill-Richmondville Central School District and Duanesburg Central School District for September 5, 2018 – June 26, 2019 as recommended by the business official. These agreements shall not be binding on the parties until authorized and signed by each party’s respective representatives.
Motion by: VP Grier
Seconded by: Board Member Mitchell
In favor:  7
Opposed: 0
Motion carried

1. Approve Appointments.
Recommendation that the Duanesburg Board of Education approve the following substitute appointments as recommended by the superintendent. All appointments are pending fingerprint clearance. All appointments are “employees at will” and the appointment at this time does not guarantee employment for the entire school term/year.
BOCES Substitute List
Donna Rost, Substitute bus driver effective retroactive to 1/17/19
Motion by: Board Member Mitchell
Seconded by: Board Member Sanders
In favor:  7
Opposed: 0
Motion carried

1. Approve CSE and CPSE minutes.
Recommendation that the Duanesburg Board of Education approve the CSE minutes of December 19, 21, 2018 and January 4, 7, 14 and 15, 2019 meetings as submitted.
Motion by: Board Member Menzies
Seconded by: VP Grier
In favor:  7
Opposed: 0
Motion carried

ADJOURNMENT of meeting at  6:53 p.m.
Motion by: Board Member Sanders
Seconded by: Board Member Menzies
In favor:  7
Opposed: 0
Motion carried

22-25: Regents Exams
1: K-12 report cards posted
12: BOE meeting/budget work session, 6:30 p.m., Joe Bena Auditorium
18-22: Presidents’ Day & winter recess – No School
25: Winter Sports Ceremony, 6:00 p.m., Joe Bena Auditorium
26: BOE meeting/budget work session, 6:30 p.m., Joe Bena Auditorium  

Respectfully submitted,
Celeste Junge
District Clerk

FM/JR/JF/AC/JM/PH/KW/RU/CD/SG/LG/WB/cej: 1/23/19