You can learn a lot from an ugly sweater

children look at paper sweaters hung in hallway

Perception of artists and their creations. Art critics and what they do. Themes, colors, creativity. Duanesburg Elementary students had fun learning about such concepts and more through their annual Holiday Sweater Design Contest.

Each year, students are challenged by art teacher Amanda Chovan to design and create on paper holiday-themed sweaters that they then judge for prize categories including Ugliest, Best Craftmanship, Most Detailed, Most Original/Unique, and Most Nature-like.

Each student picks the sweater category they want to enter and then spends about three art classes working on their creations.

The sweaters are posted in the hallway outside the art classroom, and students voted for one winner in each category (and not for themselves). Winners received ornaments hand-painted by Ms. Chovan.

ugliest sweater artwork
Karina’s sweater was voted Ugliest

Best Craftmanship sweater artwork
Becca’s sweater won Best Craftmanship (above), as
did Cj’s (below) – a tie.
artwork for Best Craftmanship sweater


artwork of Most Detailed sweater
Michelle’s sweater was voted Most Detailed

artwork of Most Unique/Original sweater
Madeleine created the sweater voted Most Unique/Original

artwork for sweater voted Most Nature-like
Olivia’s sweater won Most Nature-like

students look at ornament designs 

hand-painted ornaments
Category winners received hand-painted ornaments

Most Nature-like entries posted on wall

Ugliest entries posted on wall
Lots of festive 2018 entries