Update March 31: Governor’s order re continuity of learning

On March 27, Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order closing schools until at least April 15. During this time, schools are required to provide continuity of instruction, meals for students and information on available childcare resources every weekday, including days originally part of the previously scheduled spring break.
DCS teachers have been sharing learning resources with our students throughout the school closure period. On April 1, they will be providing instruction to move students and classes forward by introducing the teaching of new content, via Google Classroom. It is important to note that we expect all students to engage in these learning opportunities.
We appreciate our parents’ and guardians’ partnership in educating our students, as well as the challenges they may face during these difficult times. We will keep you informed of the latest updates and executive orders related to COVID-19 as we receive them.
Please continue to visit our COVID-19/Coronavirus webpage for information about:
·        Instructional resources and information for students and families;
·        Meal distribution times and locations; and
·        Childcare resources for families of essential workers.
We recognize that this can be a stressful situation. We’re here to support you through it, and know that you are managing many personal and professional responsibilities. We would like to remind you of something that we often tell our students: All we can do is our best. We’ll get through this together.
Thank you all for your continued patience, understanding and support.
Jeffery Ziegler
Interim Superintendent of Schools