The superintendent search process

Message from incoming superintendent, Dr. James Niedermeier

James Niedermeier, Ed.D, was appointed Duanesburg superintendent of schools, effective July 1, 2020, by the DCS Board of Education at their April 7, 2020 meeting. Dr. Niedermeier extends the message below to all in the district. He also offers a brief video message.

April 8, 2020
Dear Duanesburg Central School District Community Member,

I am proud to have been asked to lead the Duanesburg Central School District as its next Superintendent. I know that Duanesburg is a great place to live and go to school and I look forward to getting to know it more intimately within the coming weeks, months, and years.

Before moving to the region five years ago with my wife, Karen, and my three kids (Olivia, Abby, and Sam) to take a position as principal of Tech Valley High School, I lived in the Rochester area. I actually grew up in a small town very similar to Duanesburg. My childhood, like the childhood of many kids, involved struggling with poverty and the many obstacles that come with it. Fortunately, my teachers refused to let me be defined by my demographics. I became a teacher and, later, a school leader, to repay them for their kindness and selflessness.

Throughout my career, I have had one guiding principle: do what is best for kids. The trust that a community places in its school officials and teachers is sacred. After all, a community’s school is its single most important investment in its future. I promise you that I don’t take that responsibility lightly.

To be successful in this position, I can’t act alone. I’m looking forward to listening to students, parents, staff, and community members to find out more about what you value about your schools and how you would like to see them grow.

I will be starting this position on July 1st and will be working until then to make sure that I can hit the ground running. I’m so excited to join you!

James Niedermeier, Ed.D

Board appoints new superintendent

James Niedermeier, Ed.D, was appointed Duanesburg superintendent of schools, effective July 1, 2020, by the DCS Board of Education at their April 7, 2020 meeting.

Jeffery L. Ziegler serves as interim superintendent

Jeffery L. Ziegler is serving as interim superintendent of schools until June 30, 2020. The Duanesburg Central School District Board of Education announced this news at their Oct. 8, 2019 meeting and appointed Ziegler as interim superintendent at their Nov. 12, 2019 meeting. 
The Board of Education is currently considering candidates for the superintendent position according to the process explained below.
In early September, the DCS Board of Education announced that Duanesburg Superintendent of Schools Frank Macri had accepted a new position as superintendent of the Voorheesville Central School District, with anticipated departure from DCS in mid-December. The board is working with the Capital Region BOCES to conduct the confidential superintendent search.

Applying for the superintendent position

Information was provided for individuals interested in applying for the position of superintendent of the Duanesburg Central School District about the position; the district, its students, staff and community; and the application process. The application period has ended.

Community input sought via survey

The board and BOCES sought community input through an online survey that was live through Oct. 24. District residents were encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas by participating.

Community meetings gathered input

Capital Region BOCES District Superintendent Anita Murphy led two community meetings in the high school library/learning commons on Oct. 9 – one for district faculty and staff and one for local residents – to gather input on what they see as the district’s strengths and opportunities for growth and what qualities they’d like to see in a new superintendent.  

Thank you to all who participated in the meetings. The information gathered is being shared with the Board of Education and, along with results of the online survey, is being used to prepare informational materials for those applying for the superintendent position.


The following frequently asked questions and answers explain the superintendent search process. 

Is the Board of Education conducting the superintendent search on its own?

The board is working with the Capital Region BOCES central administration to conduct the confidential search.

What is a confidential superintendent search?

A confidential superintendent search means that all applicants for the position of superintendent of schools will apply directly to the BOCES consultants. BOCES and the board will work together to identify, from the entire applicant pool, who meets our criteria and who we would like to interview. The board will see ALL applications, but they will be submitted first to BOCES.

Why is a confidential search necessary?

This process is followed to attract sitting superintendents and other education professionals who may prefer that their candidacy for the Duanesburg position not be made public. Without confidentiality, there is often a very limited pool of candidates for the position of superintendent. Conducting a confidential search increases the likelihood that the most qualified candidates will apply for the position.

Are there opportunities for public input in such a search?

Yes! With the BOCES consultants, the district released a community survey through the district website, SNN and One Call Now. On the survey, community members were asked to give input on the following questions:

  • What are the strengths of the Duanesburg Central School District?
  • What needs to be improved?
  • What characteristics and personal attributes should the new superintendent have?
  • What will the new superintendent need to work on first?
  • Do you have any additional thoughts or comments?

The survey was available online through Oct. 24. Community meetings also were held to collect feedback from attendees. All input given by the community is taken into consideration the DCS Board of Education throughout their interviewing and vetting process.

What are the steps in the process?

Interested candidates had until Dec. 2, 2019 to mail application materials to the BOCES consultants. The search consultants and DCS Board of Education review applications and conduct interviews. Selected applicants complete at least two rounds of interviews with the board.

Once a candidate is chosen, they will be vetted through a process led by the BOCES team before a formal offer is made. The board expects that the new superintendent will be appointed during late winter and for a July 1 start date.