Board of Education message about Superintendent’s new position

Dear Community Members,

We have been informed by Superintendent Frank Macri that he has accepted a new position as superintendent of the Voorheesville Central School District, pending appointment by that district’s Board on Sept. 9, with anticipated departure from DCS in mid-December. Mr. Macri lives with his family in Voorheesville and his children attend the Voorheesville School District.

Mr. Macri was appointed DCS superintendent in October 2017 and began serving the district in January 2018, upon the retirement of Christine Crowley. During his brief tenure at DCS, Mr. Macri brought forth significant positive change and has put us down the path we had hoped for, improving communication and expanding education and extracurricular programming as well as taking steps to ensure the safety and well-being of our students. He has become a well-known face around town and will be missed. We wish him the best in this new endeavor.

While this was not expected, we will continue with the business of running the school district and begin a search for a new superintendent with the help of the Capital Region BOCES, and as was the process in 2017, we look forward to involving the community in our search.

We will not do so with haste, as it is of the utmost importance to us that the next superintendent here at DCS continue with the advancements we have made and continue to make, and do so with genuine passion for our students. If needed, we will engage the services of an interim superintendent so as not to disrupt the operations of the district and to allow for sufficient time in securing an appropriate successor.

The Board is committed to providing updates to the community throughout the process.

The Duanesburg Central School District Board of Education