SAT and ACT Testing

Taking the test

A photo of the student must be uploaded at the time of registration. Duanesburg’s CEEB code is 331585, required at time of registration.

ACTs are not offered at DCS. Students must arrive at their school of choice for testing by 7:30 a.m. Pencils and calculators are only items allowed and required.


There are some basic differences in these tests, and geographically speaking, certain tests are more popular in certain parts of the U.S. Colleges usually accept either test. The basic differences are:

1. The SAT has three sections–verbal, math and a writing section. The SAT doesn’t try to test what you learn in school, that is, it is more of a test of aptitude and abstract reasoning. The ACT has four sections–English, math, reading and science reasoning. A writing section is optional. The ACT does try to test what you’ve learned in school.

2. The ACT is all multiple choice, while the SAT has some free-response answers.

3. The ACT, students have the option to include the writing section. The SAT automatically includes the writing section.

4. More people take the SAT.

5. On both the ACT & SAT a student gets 1 point for each correct question. On both the ACT & SAT students get 0 points for answers left blank. On the ACT 0 points are given or deducted for incorrect answers. On the SAT for incorrect answers, a fraction of a point is deducted based on the number of answer choices offered (in multiple choice).
• If 4 choices, 1/3 point deduction.
• If 5 choices, 1/4 point deduction.