Free meals for all qualifying students

Situations change. Life can present challenges. Parents/guardians are encouraged to apply for the confidential Free & Reduced Price Meals Program, which now provides free meals for all qualifying children. Participation in the program may also benefit students beyond the cafeteria.

Effective this school year, all children from households meeting income guidelines for the program and whose parents/guardians apply will now receive free meals, as New York State is covering the $0.25 cost of reduced price breakfast and lunch that was previously paid by the student.

The program is confidential for students and their families. One application covers all children in a household, and once approved, children receive free meals for the entire school year, regardless of whether their family’s financial situation changes. 

Parents/guardians can apply at any time during the year, and income guidelines are updated annually. Even if their children qualified last year, parents/guardians must apply for the program each school year.

Detailed information and applications are available on this website and will also be included in the DCS calendar that will be mailed to all households in the district.

Questions? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions webpage or contact Food Services Manager Mary Jewell, (518) 895-2279, ext. 228.

Beyond the cafeteria, participation in the federal Free & Reduced Price Meals Program may also provide students with benefits including fee waivers for tests, applications, scholarships and other programs.

Such benefits include a tuition waiver for College in the High School courses offered through Schenectady County Community College (SCCC), which means the students don’t have to pay for those college credits earned in high school.

Parents/guardians are encouraged to apply for their children.