August/September 2018 Parent Newsletter

Dear Parents:

We are very excited here at DES to begin our new school year. Our wonderful summer staff have done a fantastic job getting our building ready for both teachers and students. The teachers have also begun setting up their classrooms and they look fantastic! 
We will be hosting Sweethearts and Heroes again. Their message has been instrumental in our efforts to diminish bullying at all levels. 
There are a few important reminders below, please take a few moments to read.

Andrea Conover
Elementary School Principal


Teacher assignments for the 2018-19 school year are available to families as of Thursday, August 30th on the parent portal, with the exception of the incoming Kindergarten class. It has become necessary to do this given all the transfers that occur over the summer (both coming in and leaving). This allows the classrooms to be balanced as the population moves around. The grade level supply lists are available on our web page.


Please remember that bus slips are available on the website for you to print off. We keep a limited supply in the office for those occasional emergency situations.  In order for the bus drivers to become familiar with their routes and students, no bus slips (students riding different buses) will be allowed until September 17. 

I also would like to indicate that it becomes difficult to change busing for students after 12 p.m. We realize that unexpected transportation issues come up for families at the last minute and we will do our best to support those moments. Please help us keep students safe by making any non-emergency changes to transportation before 12 pm. Only emergency situations will be honored beginning September 2018.


Each family who will be providing transportation to and from school will be assigned a number. Please have that number displayed in your car window during parent pickup time. Your child will have a corresponding number that needs to be attached to their backpack. When you pull up for parent pick up, we will call inside the school for your child to come out. You no longer will be coming in the school. 

For parent drop off in the morning, the bus duty staff will be on the sidewalk calling up the cars five at time, have the students exit the cars onto the sidewalk and then have the parents pull away. Any student arriving after 8:20, will have to be escorted into the building as they will be considered late.