Attendance Procedures

The school day, student arrivals and pick up

The Elementary school day runs from 8:05 a.m. to 2:55 p.m. Students depart the buses between 7:55 a.m. and 8:10 a.m. Parent drop-off of students begins immediately after buses leave the parking lot.

For morning drop off, bus duty staff on the sidewalk will call up cars five at a time, have the students exit the cars onto the sidewalk, and then have parents pull away. Any student arriving after 8:20 a.m. will  have to be escorted into the building, as they will be considered late. 

Students should be in the building no later than 8:20 a.m. Any students arriving after that time must be escorted into the building and signed in as tardy.

Parents who pick up their student prior to dismissal must enter the office to sign out their student.  Each family who will be providing transportation to and from school on a regular basis (one day or all five) will be assigned a number. Parents should please have the number displayed on their car window during pick-up time. When a parent pulls up to pick up their student, staff will call inside the school for their student to come out to them.

For the occasional times when parents need to pick up their students after school, the parents will just join the line up and their child will be called out to them. If they pick up their student during school hours, they will need to come to the office and sign out their student.

Bus slips

Bus slips are required for the following reasons:

  • Any change in student’s transportation home (i.e. parent pick up, different bus).
  • Student leaves early and will not be riding the bus home.

Bus slips will be honored until 12 p.m. Parents should be sure they send a bus slip in with their student that morning, to be delivered to the office. Only emergency changes will be accepted after 12 p.m., so that the transportation department can accommodate the changes in busing.


ALL absences require a written excuse from a parent or guardian. Please submit the written or emailed excuse to the attendance clerk and indicate the reason for the absence.