Construction-related fuel leak addressed

In late August 2018, a construction company contracted to work at Duanesburg Jr./Sr. High School punctured a heating fuel line outside of the building. The line carries fuel from the school’s heating system to its storage tank, and all parts of this system were previously intact and in good working order.

When the leak was detected, the district immediately notified the state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) spill response unit and steps were taken to stop the leak, identify the extent of the leak and contain its spread.

The fuel, a form of diesel, leaked into the soil surrounding the punctured line, in front of the school and into storm and sanitary sewers. It was not detected in drinking water, which is provided through the Village of Delanson and comes from a reservoir.

The construction company worked with the DEC and environmental services firms to determine the full extent of the leak and put into action a plan for its monitoring and mitigation (cleanup). Steps included:

Boring the soil in the area of the leak and beyond to determine the extent of the problem.

Drilling recovery wells next to the area of the fuel line puncture and pumping them weekly with a vacuum truck to remove contaminated soil and water from the area.

Installing active-system pumps to remove fuel and water from the ground and transport them to a green holding tank, which will remain until the recovery is complete.

Testing, boring, pumping and cleanup will continue, and the DEC remains involved. Local officials are being kept apprised as well.

Questions may be directed to DCS Superintendent Frank Macri at, (518) 895-2279.