Bus runs are a work in progress

DCS is changing the way children will be bused to and from school in order to create age-appropriate bus runs. We are creating these runs to provide a better environment for all students. Learning and social-emotional growth happen beyond the walls of the classroom and school building – students learn and grow on the bus, too, from their peers and fellow students.

Providing age-appropriate bus runs aligns with the district’s ongoing efforts to teach and support positive behavior, prevent bullying and promote cooperation and respect in all environments.

This change means that rather than having a mix of K-12th grade students ride together on the same bus, the district will now transport students in buses carrying those in grades K-6 and in buses carrying those in grades 7-12.

Making changes to age-appropriate buses required the creation of completely new bus runs for high school students. While in the past the earliest bus picked up around 6:45 a.m., the earliest bus now picks up at 6:25 a.m., with a maximum travel time of up to one hour and 15 minutes to the high school. The district scheduled buses for all high school students because we do not yet have a comprehensive list of who drives or gets dropped off. So, times can and will change.

Postcards were mailed last week with the new bus schedules. We understand the changes affect some of our families’ routines. Parents/guardians may contact the transportation department now with pick-up change requests; there is no waiting period this year to make such requests.

The bus schedules are a work in progress, and we appreciate everyone’s patience as the system is adjusted accordingly. Thank you for your cooperation as we try to do what’s best for our students.