Board Goals

The Duanesburg Board of Education adopted the following goals for the district on Oct. 9, 2018.

Goal 1

Provide opportunities to improve overall student success by both recognizing and developing student achievement in all areas.

Goal 2

Maintain and improve the district’s fiscal stability, delivering excellent educational results at a cost commensurate with the community’s economic condition.

Goal 3

Continually evaluate, maintain and improve facilities that address the current and future needs of our district and provide students, employees and community members with an inviting, safe, efficient and modern infrastructure.

Goal 4

Expand methods to improve communication with parents and community members using multiple methods to promote proactive, interactive and meaningful two-way communication, including the use of the 21st century technologies.

Goal 5

Foster meaningful relationships with all stakeholders.

Goal 6

Continue to support the school district culture of a safe, welcoming and inclusive climate with a strong emphasis on effective strategies that support all students.