Course Registration and Scheduling

Registration procedures are as follows:

  • The Program of Studies Guide is made available in-person and online. Hard copies are available from the school counseling office.
  • Teachers make recommendations for students to advance to the next grade or level and for acceleration.
  • Students meet with school counselors, and a sequence of courses best suited to their interests, goals, and strengths are chosen. Parents may call counselors to discuss their students’ schedule before, during or after this step.
  • Administration and the school counseling department design a master schedule.
  • Once courses are chosen and schedules are built, ONLY NECESSARY CHANGES are permitted.
  • Students and their parents/guardians are advised to contact their counselor over the summer if schedule adjustments must be made. Summer appointments may be at a limited availability.

Add/Drop Procedure

A course must be added within the first ten days of a semester. After ten days a course cannot be dropped without counselor, principal and parent approval. Course add/drop forms are available in the school counseling office. Students who drop a course after 10 days will receive a W on their transcript.

Course Failure

If a student fails one or more subjects, he/she places future learning in jeopardy. Students must have a minimum grade of 55 to attend summer school. If a student cannot attend summer school, he/she will be required to repeat the failed course during the following school year. Failure of any major subject reduces the number of elective options and may result in the student not receiving the necessary credits towards graduation.