A credit is an indicator of the value the school gives to a course. The credit is based on the time and work involved in a course. Example: English 9 is a full year course, so it earns 1.0 credit. Food & Nutrition meets every other day for one semester and earns 0.50 credit. Courses that meet every other day (odd or even) for the entire year would also carry 0.50 credit. You must earn a certain number of credits from certain subject areas and pass the required courses for 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade, which are listed under graduation requirements.

Minimum Credit/Course Load

Students in grade 9-11 must take a minimum of 6.5 credits including Physical Education. Seniors need to complete necessary credits to graduate and/or be scheduled for a minimum of 6 credits. Students should carry a course load that they are able to manage while still being challenged academically.

Grade Placement/Promotion

Promotion to the next grade level is determined during the summer (prior to the start of school) and will not be adjusted during the school year upon completion of credit-bearing semester-long courses or blending (repeated) courses. Grade level is determined by the number of credits a student has earned. The year that a student enters 9th grade does not determine grade level or graduation year (but rather determines graduation requirements).

  • Grade 7-completion of 6th grade
  • Grade 8-completion of 7th grade
  • Grade 9-completion of 8th grade
  • Grade 10-must have earned a minimum of 5.5 credits
  • Grade 11-must have earned a minimum of 11 credits
  • Grade 12-must have earned a minimum of 16.5 credits


A Prerequisite is a requirement that students must meet before a certain course can be taken. Example: To take 2-D Art, a student must complete Studio Art prior. AP and UHS courses have other prerequisites.


An Elective is a course students choose to take in order to round out their education and earn a sufficient credit for graduation. Elective courses are chosen after all required courses have been scheduled. Once required courses have been scheduled, electives can be chosen based on student’s interest, and course availability. In order to take electives, students must meet all prerequisites.

Some prerequisites may include a completion of a previous course, completion of or a minimum grade on a Regents exam, or a minimum previous course average.

Accelerated Graduation/Non-Traditional Study

Students who wish to complete their graduation requirements in less than four years must plan their program accordingly. Requests must be approved by the school counselor, high school principal and superintendent, prior to beginning. A contract must be issued by the school counseling office clearly defining requirements and bearing signatures of the student, parent/guardian(s) of the student, the school counselor, and the high school principal and superintendent.