Booster Club thanks Hannaford

The Duanesburg Booster Club thanks Hannaford, Esperance, for their very generous donation and for volunteering at the varsity basketball game concession on Dec. 17. Dianne Grant said, “We appreciate their support for the Duanesburg Booster Club and ultimately, the Duanesburg  athletic department. Jordan, Tyler, Elizabeth and Nicole, specifically, went above and beyond wearing their Hannaford Helps t-shirts. …

Ebenezer inspires chain of kindness

Just before their holiday break, DCS 8th graders rebuilt Ebenezer Scrooge’s chain of burdens into a chain of kindness. Each link features words of kindness, as Charles Dickens would have liked it. “May it haunt your houses pleasantly . . . ”

Reverse Advent Calendar sharing

Chris Danapilis’ class at Duanesburg Elementary completed a Reverse Advent Calendar project to share with those less fortunate during the holiday season. “It’s a good reminder that while it’s a lot of fun to unwrap presents, we should think about the joy we can give to others as well,” he said. “For our Reverse Advent Calendar, …

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